The Magick Helmet is GO!

Everyone !!!

The new album by Megaton Leviathan is here! Free for the friends and fans!!! Pay what you will, but don't hesitate to download. Stream it on the platform that suits you best. My apologies to the Bandcamp pre-sales folks; please consider using my website in the future.  Free is the place to be. 

This is what critics have to say about Magick Helmet

“It sounds like it's coming for you.”

-Metal Injection

“This is music for those who want to go on a sonic journey, one that dives into the inner workings of our minds and weaves the threads of past and future into the present.”

-CVLT Nation

“Magick Helmet is perhaps the defining album that Megaton Leviathan will become known for. As it's a breathtakingly original record that leaves no stone unturned in providing one of the trippiest and spaced out releases of 2023. … this record has ALBUM OF THE YEAR material written all over it. ”

-Outlaws Of The Sun

Shout out to team Dewar 



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