Rocktober update

Hello! It's been a minute.  This has turned out to be a challenging year for me personally.  I lost my mother to cancer this spring on Passover. I worked hard to have a positive relationship with my mother as an adult. I grew up in the Central Valley and Foothills of California and have been back to say goodbye.  Country and Western Honky Tonk isn't what I do musically, but I grew up in the country and was raised to understand what it means when you work for it, you have to earn it. Megaton Leviathan is a labor of love, and isn't heavy for the sake of being heavy; I do what's in my heart.   

   Recently I have just been working through it and have begun working on new projects and collaborations regarding Megaton Leviathan. For now, check in on my socials for updates or see me yap about guitars , ham-fisted guitar solos, and  Megaton Leviathan music.  I'm pretty active on TikTok, but I have also been posting on Instagram and FB. I'll be honest: I'm still not sure how to do YouTube, but give me a follow on the platform you are the most comfortable with. 

With that , I say loud and proud... OUTLAW DOOMGAZE!!!!! 


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