NEW Single : Silver Tears, out now!

Megaton Leviathan 

New line up 2024

           Reuscher, Vocals,  Synth, Post Power Electronics, Guitars, 12 String Guitar, and Bass                 

Alex Wynn, Bass, Tory Chappell, Drums 



Dec 8, 2023, saw the release of Magick Helmet, Megaton Leviathan's first album in the five years since their critically acclaimed and groundbreaking cinematic Industrial Doomgaze masterpiece, Mage. Once again,  stumping critics and fans alike as it presents itself as something unrecognizable to even the adept, Leaving many with more questions than answers. 


With the new single, Silver Tears, and in the wake of the full-length release of Magick Helmet comes the announcement of a new lineup in a new town,  Astoria, Oregon, signaling a new era of Megaton Leviathan. With a slimmed-down, volatile three-piece ensemble of Tory Chappell on Drums, Alex Wynn on Bass, Reuscher on guitar, synth, post-power electronics,  programming, and vocals.


Megaton leviathan presents a  kaleidoscope of opposites as  Magick Helmet is entirely comprised of live way-out improvisations under the direction of Reuscher in an exercise with one goal in mind: unity. The single Silver Tears returns to the droning and gazing one might expect in a  Megaton Leviathan studio track. Oozing of things primordial, proto, and cro-magnon. Drawing from 60’s psychedelic garage punk and early industrial.




Silver Tears

Recorded at Psychedelic Inner Fortress, Astoria Or. Engineered and produced by Reuscher. 

Mastered at Third Man Detroit by  HisNameIsAlive


Magic Helmet 

Live room recording **

Live studio recording *

Recorded at Psychedelic Inner Fortress


  1. The Final Form Of Nothing Is Final **
  2. The Final Form Of Nothing Is Final(A Slight Return) **
  3. The Belly Of The Beast **
  4. Helios Creeds Magick Helmet * 

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