NEW Single : Silver Tears, out now!

Megaton Leviathan 

New line up 2024

           Reuscher, Vocals,  Synth, Post Power Electronics, Guitars, 12 String Guitar, and Bass                 

Alex Wynn, Bass, Tory Chappell, Drums 



Dec 8, 2023, saw the release of Magick Helmet, Megaton Leviathan's first album in the five…

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The Magick Helmet is GO!

Everyone !!!

The new album by Megaton Leviathan is here! Free for the friends and fans!!! Pay what you will, but don't hesitate to download. Stream it on the platform that suits you best. My apologies to the Bandcamp pre-sales…

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Rocktober update

Hello! It's been a minute.  This has turned out to be a challenging year for me personally.  I lost my mother to cancer this spring on Passover. I worked hard to have a positive relationship with my mother as an…

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Emmergy FX Doomgazer Pedal Demonstration 1

Emmergy FX Doomgazer Pedal Demonstration 1 Is now up on Youtube.

It should be streaming on Spotify and all streaming sites soon, so keep an eye out. 

I made some new merch items available exclusively on our Bandcamp. I will…

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